UniGroup recognizes biodiversity as an important aspect for supporting a sustainable society and promotes activities that contribute to biodiversity on our corporate campus. We have developed and maintain our associated landscape with due regard to environmental impact and social value. UniGroup strives to increase biodiversity with consideration for various regional characteristics and works to reduce the negative impact on biodiversity associated with our business activities. UniGroup also conducts activities which lead to biodiversity.

UniGroup conducts activities that lead to biodiversity in its business practices through:

  • Consideration for biodiversity centered on operational sites – UniGroup understands the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and conservation of animal and plant habitats around operational sites.
  • Consideration for improved awareness – UniGroup strives to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity on campus through events and communication.
  • Consideration for habitats – UniGroup incorporates principles of conservation into campus planning and management, preserving and enhancing existing habitat where possible.
  • Consideration for native habitats – UniGroup identifies opportunities to conserve and create new biodiversity habitats, with particular focus on native species.
  • Consideration for minimal impact – UniGroup strives to minimize impact on biodiversity from grounds and landscaping.

UniGroup Quality

UniGroup's vision is to be the BEST moving and transportation solutions company. We recognize that everyone at all levels is responsible for quality.